Microbiome Gazers Episode 2

This is the 2nd episode, of the 'Microbiome Gazers'. Proudly presented by BugSpeaks® and Leucine Rich Bio.

In this interactive session, under the aegis of BugSpeaks live stream series, co-founders of Leucine Rich Bio and developers of South Asia's first gut microbiome test - BugSpeaks® - Dr Debojyoti Dhar and Mr Kumar Sankaran talk about the evolution of microbiome reporting with respect to BugSpeaks®. The speakers discuss about the various facets of BugSpeaks® report. The key highlight was the "question-answer" session between the attendees and the panellists.


  • Observations about microbiome reporting in general and how the BugSpeaks® report have evolved in the last 2-3 years.
  • How the transition from "one-page clinical report" to "an elaborate report" happened, both with BugSpeaks® and other microbiome companies across the world.
  • How the intriguing nature of microbiome, which has been interesting even to the lay person, have driven a detailed BugSpeaks® report over the years.
  • How balancing the aspects of microbiome that is relevant to both clinical doctor and common man was key to this reporting.
  • What kind of diseases would BugSpeaks® analysis, reporting and recommendations would be most impactful?
  • The causation vs correlation/association debate and how our disease risk estimation has been conceptualized.
  • Other salient features of BugSpeaks® report, including the Gut Microbiome Index [GMI], pathogen characterization, and most importantly the personalized 3-Phase dietary recommendations.
  • How BugSpeaks® GMI is different from that of Bacteroidetes to Firmicutes ratio or any other metric generally used and how we are on a quest for a universal standard for representing the extent of dysbiosis of gut microbiome.
  • More on the direction of personalized nutrition and diet and how BugSpeaks® can contribute to this area.
  • Why a "single time, eat or don’t eat kind of diet" has been unsuccessful and why multiphase dietary recommendations is the way to go forward.
  • Detailed description of the 3-Phase Diet and importance of Supplements during Phase 2 and why going natural is important than finding off the shelf probiotics.
  • Why achieving personalized nutrition is extremely hard.
  • How all of these would aid everyone from individuals to nutritionists to clinicians to take actionable efforts towards better health.
  • They wrap up the discussion by answering questions from the attendees.

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