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BugSpeaks® is an easy to use at home sampling kit
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Test Details

Your gut microbiome is unique, varying depending on geography, gender, culture and demographics, genetics (of your own and that of the race), diet, age and many environmental factors. But, it also follows certain larger patterns and understanding these patterns provide you with an opportunity to maintain and/or modulate your microbiome towards better health benefits.
Given this background, our efforts, through ‘microbiome sequencing analysis’, are directed towards identifying “the diverse species of micro-organisms within your gut, followed by characterization, analysis and interpretation of larger patterns within them. We achieve this through evidence based analysis and interpretation, to assist you in understanding your health and provide you with actionable dietary recommendations to improve your wellbeing.


Benefits of the test

  • Shield yourself from diseases
  • The test aids in understanding the extent of gut dysbiosis & disease susceptibility.
  • The test qualitatively estimates your susceptibility to 15 diseases.
  • Your gut microbiome plays a role in progression of lifestyle diseases.
  • Visit “Our Science” page to know more.
  • The test also provides recommendations in the form of nutrition and life style modifications.

  • Take control of your diet and well-being
  • Community-wide assessment of digestive and metabolic function.
  • Provides information on your ability to metabolize diets and drugs.
  • Characterizes your lifestyle and diet, associated with weight, mood and disease etc.
  • Indicates whether you are deficit of certain nutrients.
  • Integrates all the above and provides you with actionable dietary recommendations to enrich, improve and sustain your health.
  • Provides recommendations of probiotic-based supplements for restoring and maintaining a healthy gut.
  • Overall, aids in improving and sustaining your health and general well-being.

Why BugSpeaks®?

It is South Asia’s first microbiome based test which predicts susceptibility to over 15 diseases analysing the microbiome composition of the gut and provides actionable dietary and probiotic recommendations based on your gut microbiome. This may enrich, improve and sustain your health for a long term. The test is non-invasive, simple, easy to perform at home which takes small amount of faecal matter and uses next generation sequencing to detect and analyse all microorganisms based on their DNA. This test is brought to you by Leucine Rich Bio, an award winning company headquartered in Bengaluru, India. In house developed and patent pending matrix driven interpretation engine along with in house curated databases drive BugSpeaks®.



Sample Collection



What will my results tell me?

BugSpeaks® analyses your complete gut microbiome composition, characterizes its diversity and abundance, associates them with various disease susceptibilities, with the ultimate goal of generating a comprehensive set of dietary, prebiotic and probiotics recommendations.

Gut Microbiome Index

A numerical index indicating the state of dysbiosis or imbalance in the gut

Diseases Risk Index

A qualitative risk estimate for 16 diseases

Pathogen Characterization

A list of gut pathogenic microbes that have been identified

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Nutritional Recommendation

A 12-week nutritional recommendation to rebalance the gut

Probiotic Recommendation

A personalized probiotic recommendation

Prebiotic Recommendation

A detailed prebiotic supplement recommendation

What is in the kit

The kit contains a stool collection tube, an instruction leaflet, and a questionnaire. The stool collection tube contains a spoon and a Stool DNA stabilizer reagent for collection and preservation of the sample. The instruction leaflet enclosed within the kit describe in detail the steps for stool collection, which ensures that right amount of sample reaches us without any degradation. Also, a questionnaire is provided with the kit which is needed to be filled by the person taking the test, as it helps us to understand your regular diet and help you accordingly. The questionnaire provided in the printed form is also available as an online clickable format, for which the link will be provided in advance to the person taking the test.

We would recommend you to take this report to a nutritionist or a physician for getting proper guidance and help in taking next steps to improve your health. We have tied up with doctors, nutritionists and boutique companies that provide solution like customized food preparation, access to health supplements including but not limited to prebiotics, natural probiotics etc. These services are currently available in select cities and collaborators who have established background in working on the microbiome space, to help our clients in the best possible way. Please feel free to connect with them should you desire the same, using Our Experts".