Take care of your gut and it will take care of you

Are you conscious about your health? Do you follow frequent diets to stay fit? Stop second guessing your health choices and discover your gut microbiome and improve your health, inside out.

Explore BugSpeaks®, a cutting edge, easy to use, at home sampling, test which tells you how the inside of your gut is and how it will keep you healthy. Imagine a possibility where you can choose a diet unique to you alone, evade diseases you might be vulnerable to, and upgrade to a healthier life. Choose BugSpeaks®, the gut microbiome test to make this a reality.

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BugSpeaks® is an easy to use at home sampling kit
Sample Collection as per your convenience, anytime, no preparation required
We serve across India and around the world
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Our state of the art systems ensure that there is transparency, ease of use and accuracy from the minute you get our kit to the time when you receive your reports. We keep you informed on every step of the process and also recommend further ways to improve your internal body functions.

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Why Gut Microbiome Tests?

Gut microbiome tests help in deciding the best diet plan for your body function, what diseases your body is vulnerable to and gives a host of actionable information which will help you make better lifestyle decisions for you and your family.

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Why Leucine Rich Bio?

Leucine Rich Bio's unique BugSpeaks® platform has been able to analyze gut microbial sequencing data comprehensively to provide actionable and personalized dietary and supplementation recommendations that have the potential to transform human health, wellness and well-being. Not only does BugSpeaks® address the key industry gaps related to holistic microbiome analysis that go beyond gut bacteria studies, but also has the potential to be expanded across several disease diagnostic applications. As South Asia’s first gut microbiome test that provides actionable and evidence-based microbiome insights, BugSpeaks® is suitably poised to enable a paradigm shift from sick care to healthcare practices across the industry.

With its strong overall performance, Leucine Rich Bio has earned Frost & Sullivan’s 2019 Technology Innovation Award.

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What Customers Say

"Leucine Rich Bio played a huge role in the gut microbiome study done at Healing Hands Clinic. We assessed the stool of patients suffering from IBD, IBD and ODS. The results were achieved within the promised timeline. I appreciate their quick response to all our queries and guidance through every challenge faced. I wish LRB congratulations for the revolutionary work they are doing and wish them luck for their future ventures."

Dr.Leena Dhole
Healing Hands Clinic,

"I was looking for answers with respect to appropriate foods, probiotics etc for my gut related issues and was dismayed when multiple visits to doctors turned out to be fruitless. BugSpeaks’ report ticked all the boxes as it answered all the questions that otherwise remained unanswered. Having followed their advice on foods and probiotics, my health has improved a great deal."

Nishant Kewalramani
Founder, EDIPLIS,

"The report and the discussion has been extremely detailed and helpful. I have been actively tracking and taking care of my diet for the past few years and the specific dietary recommendations will enable me to take better control of my health.
Overall the kit, experience and the reports were very good. I intend to follow the instructions and then come back and get myself retested in 6 months."

Nandini Mansinghka
CEO & Managing Director,
Mumbai Angels Network,

"The BugSpeaks test plays a crucial role in our practice at Potential Health Development to treat clients with various forms of IBS and IBD. This test not only sheds light on an individual's gut health but also offers us valuable insights to formulate effective nutritional and probiotic intervention strategies. From the sample pick-up to report delivery, the process has been absolutely seamless. Special thanks to the team at Leucine Rich Bio for their continuous support and we can't wait to see what new success our partnership unfolds in the future."

Potential Health Development

"Our collaboration with Leucine Rich Bio has been beneficial to our clients in helping them determine complete and elaborate analysis report of their Gut Microbiome, which makes it easy for us to accurately design their nutrition plan. It has been a key element in helping us support our clients to come out of their health issues and diseases. The services provided by them are very impressive from being willing to explain everything in detail, to timely processing the order and to delivering the report as well as, the customer support. It's truly been a pleasure working with them."

Preety Tyagi
CEO & Founder of My22BMI,
Delhi NCR
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