Microbiome Gazers Episode-1

This is the very first, of the many episodes, of the 'Microbiome Gazers'. One of our own and proudly hosted and organized by BugSpeaks® and Leucine Rich Bio.

Here Co-founders of Leucine Rich Bio Dr Debojyoti Dhar [as guest] and Mr Kumar Sankaran [as host] talk about their journey and the challenges in the field of microbiome, developing BugSpeaks® - South Asia's first gut microbiome test and more.


  • How did the microbiome journey begin for Leucine Rich Bio and Kumar?
  • What are strengths of Leucine Rich Bio in the field of microbiome, and how the diverse team of microbiologists and computational biologists working on genomics to metabolomics, statistics, machine learning and beyond, are key contributors to developing BugSpeaks®.
  • Memories of the first microbiome or BugSpeaks® client we had.
  • What are the challenges in the microbiome field in general and with specific to India?
  • What is the right or balanced team composition to come up with tools and tests that can give key solutions through microbiome analysis?
  • First [microbiome] clinical study partnership/collaboration and its experience.
  • How logistics is one of the key aspects of this whole testing, how it can make or mar the whole development and how we cracked the logistics of BugSpeaks® and how this helped us to be a truly global company.
  • Key points on awareness of microbiome in general and how the awareness of BugSpeaks® as a test have brought about some key improvements.
  • How writing our own blogs, starting YouTube channel, constant presence on twitter and other social media platforms and now this, the microbiome gazers, have all added up to the awareness.
  • Which are the domains in the medical field that Leucine Rich Bio is perusing with BugSpeaks®
  • They end with talking about, what is in store for Leucine Rich Bio and BugSpeaks® the future.

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