The Collaborative Team Spirit

The collaborative spirit cannot be taught. It just happens.

In the last blog you would have read about our pivot towards the microbiome. This would not be possible without all members of our team coming together and developing an awesome product. How data and information flows from one team to another is vital for meaningful science. It is also very essential for a seamless experience. I wanted to introduce the dynamic team behind it.

Computational Biology
DNA: The RAM guzzlers!!
RNA: Probably the most vociferous team in the office.

No matter how many terabytes of RAM is provided they manage to consume it. RNA, DNA, short read, long read, no matter what the sample or technology they have a solution for it.

For the microbiome program they have developed a platform that can take any type of sequencing data, 16s, metagenomic or metatransciptomic data and process them into actionable outcomes.They have probably processed close to a petabyte of microbiome data to develop this robust system. Every month they bring down the computational run time and reduce the size of the data footprint. They have also developed a robust systems biology engine to discover the unknown.


Microbiome & Nutrition
DNA: The biome experts!!
RNA: Probably the most combative team in the office.

They claim to know what every living organism on this planet feeds on. They know how bacteria, virus & fungus thrive.

For the microbiome program they have developed proprietary databases on nutrition, microbiome and human diseases. The team has spent countless hours in validating the correlation as well as causation between the microbiome and specific traits or diseases.

Reporting & Content
DNA: The translation specialists.
RNA: They are the nimblest team in the organisation.

Given any complex data, they will simplify it to a language understood by all.

For the microbiome program they have meticulously refined data delivery. The sliced the reports into multiple formats to better serve the consumers, the clinicians, the nutritionist and lifestyle coaches. Each report is handcrafted and personalized.

Product Design
DNA: Wood is the new cardboard!!
RNA: They are the pickiest team.

Their moon shot is handsfree faecal collection.

For the microbiome program they have hand crafted a beautiful kit that signifies how precious faecal matter is. With every iteration a new feature is introduced to make the collection to report experience seamless.

The X Factor
DNA: The secret sauce
RNA: They are very silent, yet salient group.

They make Bug Speaks talk. Even sing.

For the microbiome program they have taken raw data from.....

DNA: The horse whisperers.
RNA: They are the most secretive team.

They talk to the data and some say the data talks back to them.

For the microbiome program they have implemented machine learning over knowledge graphs. They have also used blockchains to maintain transparency.

Accounts & Logistics
DNA: The poop importers!!
RNA: They are busiest team in the office.

Hello FedEx, we would like to import poop”.

For the microbiome program they have amalgamated multiple logistics partners to ensure there are no difficulty in sample transportation, no matter which part of the world the sample is coming from. They have also ensured that EMIs are available for all tests.


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